Intentional Growth Planning


Intro to Intentional Churches

Find out more about a proven, non-traditional planning system called Intentional GrowthPlanning & Coaching that works in any church.

Case Study: The Crossing Church

The Crossing grew quickly for a year but soon would face complex problems that need perspective, focus, and prioritized action to solve. 

Case Study: Mission Ventura Church

Although Mission’s rapid growth was a blessing, it meant the leadership team was often “building the plane while in the air.”

"I always keep two churches in mind, the church we are and the church by God’s grace we can become. But our partnership with Intentional Churches has inspired me and our team dream of going further faster to advance the greatest cause in the world. With their skillful guidance, we diagnosed some roadblocks we didn’t know we had and they gave us the tools for taking giant strides forward. These highly seasoned church leaders are passionate about making more and better disciples."

Gene Appel
Senior Pastor // Eastside Christian Church // Anaheim, CA

I'm Kirby Andersen...

and as a former lead pastor and executive pastor for 35 years, I have a pretty good idea of the passion you have for the local church. But passion isn't always enough. Intentional GrowthPlanning can help your team unleash the potential of your church. I believe in this process so much I joined the team as an IC Coach. It would be a privilege to talk with you about how Intentional GrowthPlanning might impact your church.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Our purpose is to release the Gospel and Great Commission potential of each and every church no matter the size, location, or style of ministry. If you are facing challenges or growing, we are made for you.


You've got questions.

As a former pastor, I understand a decision like this isn't made quickly after reading a brochure. That's why I'd welcome the chance to start a conversation. Give me your email below and I'll contact you to answer whatever questions you have. I can honestly tell you this—I wish I had this resource when I was pastoring!