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Practical, Customized Presentations

Motivation for church, business, and civic groups.

Church Services

Worship services, special events, family emphasis weekends.


Keynote or workshops.


Training, motivation, inspiration for both staff and volunteer teams.


Men's and women's events.


Keynote or workshops.

Lunch & Learn

Motivation for small business and civic groups.

Available Topics

Marriage Enrichment

The most unique and important of earthly relationships—marriage—deserves ongoing improvement. Communication, conflict resolution, commitment, romance, affection, etc. For samples of content, click here

Parenting Skills

Raising kids has never been easy. But with the right skills and encouragement, parents can be equipped to lead and train their kids for their high calling. For samples of content, click here

Family Culture Development

Great families don't just happen—they are made. The attitudes, habits, traditions we nurture have the potential to create a fulfilling family culture that lasts for generations. For samples of content, click here.

Personal Development

Anything healthy naturally grows. Skills, habits, mindsets that promote personal growth and interpersonal relationships. For samples of content, click here

Time Management

Time is the most valuable resource we have. There are principles for creating time for what really matters. Forming habits upon these principles help us lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Forming Healthier Habits

Most don't think much about their health until a crisis. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Building basic habits can help us enjoy a better and longer life, to fulfill our God-given purpose. For samples of content, click here

Team Leadership

To do something great, you have to think team. Like a family, every team needs to nurture a good culture based on helpful skills and mindsets. 

Kirby and Gail Andersen

Whether Kirby, Gail, or both, you'll be bringing almost four decades worth of experience to help your audience grow personally and in family relationships!

Kirby and Gail have been married since 1978 after meeting at Iowa State University. They've spent their lives helping others grow spiritually, strengthen marriages, and build strong families.

Kirby has spent the majority of his adult life in pastoral roles in local churches. Gail was also heavily involved in his ministry while home-schooling their five children. 

Their passion for family has been a central theme in their teaching. Both are known for their practical teaching on marriage, parenting, personal development, health, time management, and organization.

They now produce online resources on Kirby's website at and Gail's YouTube channel, Mentoring Moments For Moms, as well as speak and coach other young adults.

For more info, click here.

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