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Hi, I'm Kirby Andersen. I am a lot of things. The firstborn of Robert Eugene and Majorie Elaine. Of Danish heritage. A Midwesterner. Eater of plants only. An encourager. A fan of people. A lover of music, Middle Earth, ancient Egypt, and all things Apple.

But mostly, I am a family man. I love and am deeply committed to my family—to become the best I can be for them. I've had a lot of titles and great jobs, yet nothing compares to my roles as husband, Dad, or Papa. My family lovingly refers to me as The Monarch (if you've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, you may get that).

And I'm committed to you and your family. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to help others reach for their full potential and hit the mark for which they were created.

My Biography

I grew up on a research farm in southwest Iowa. After attending at Iowa State University, then Bible school, I spent several decades serving as a pastor, growing people and the church.

In addition to weekly public speaking for nineteen years, I've conducted time management and financial stewardship seminars and have coordinated national leadership conferences and numerous community and county-wide events.

My dominant Gallup StrengthsFinder theme is Learner. My Myers-Briggs Personality Type is ENFJ. Translation: I love to learn and share it with others.

Specifically, I love to learn and share new methods, resources, technologies that will improve relationships and daily life, and to inspire others to pass along what they’ve learned to their children and children’s children.

I now write, speak, and coach full time.

My Wife

I have been the proud husband of Gail since 1978. You know the adage: Behind every great man is a great woman. Whatever I am that is exemplary, it is because of the love, support, and partnership of Gail.

Graduating from Iowa State University as a child development major with a focus on special needs education, Gail taught in a private school until we had our first child. She homeschooled all five of our children through the twelfth grade. She is a teacher at heart, teaching preschoolers at church and always creating learning experiences for our grandkids as Nana. Gail also is an essential oils educator, helping families stay healthier naturally.

Gail has spoken and coached women for over three decades. She is admired by all who know her for her practical wisdom in the home. She has influenced me in all I am and teach.

Although our website is KirbyAndersen.com, she is actively involved behind the scenes as she has been throughout our entire life together. Fortunately, she shares from her experience here from time to time also.

My Family

Gail and I have three sons and twin daughters, three daughters-in-law, and (so far) three granddaughters and two grandsons. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We have taught for several decades on the family. Now that our five kids are grown and on their own, we write and speak from having "been there, done that." We didn't do everything perfectly and we don't know everything. Yet, we've been through it and have a lot to be thankful for.

My free time consists of babysitting for grandkids, serving as a sounding board for my kids, fixing things, scootering with my wife on our Honda Metropolitans, researching healthy living, patronizing area Starbucks, and helping grow the church.

My Content

I write mainly on parenting, marriage, health, and personal development. These are all areas I am passionate about. I've been known to get excited about other things as well so you'll have to excuse me if I veer from these categories occasionally.

I live to help others become better versions of themselves at home and work—to not only weather life’s challenges and positively impact their world, but to raise their children to do the same. In short, to live better, love more, and leave a legacy.

If, like us, you want to become the best version of you and build a great family and legacy, then our blog is for you.

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