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Weekly Activities That Will Strengthen Your Family For a Lifetime.

Doable weekly activities that give busy families a rich family culture. Scroll down to discover more about what you'll learn.

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Great adventures begin with one step. So do great families.

Creating a healthy, loving family isn’t complicated yet it does require doing relatively simple things consistently—habits that will help you...

  • Prioritize a daily undistracted connect time with your spouse.
  • Leverage the family table for more than just eating.
  • Build lasting memories and culture through weekly fun together.
  • Carve out individual time with each child to deepen your relationship.
  • Help your child learn respect and courtesy for others.
  • Keep family members more important than electronics.
  • Reward and celebrate responsibility and consideration of others.

"Biggest reminder is great families don’t just happen—you have to be purposeful! We are also going to make special time with each child a priority!"

Elizabeth Miller

"This ebook helped me bridge the gap between desperately wanting to be a better dad and knowing what to DO to become one—and WHY!"

Chris Munch

"It reminded me that simple and consistent actions of doing the right things produce great outcomes. It also helped clarify the right things."

Heath Ragsdale


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