Time For What Matters

with Kirby Andersen


Discover How To...

  • Take back control of your time.
  • Form habits to move you toward becoming a better version of you at home and work.
  • Build closer relationships with God and those closest to you.
  • Make sure real priorities get done.
  • Create a master template for how to spend your time proactively.
  • Start your day with energy and focus as well as a peaceful, can-do attitude.


Who's It For?

This 30-minute short but powerful presentation is perfect for:

  • Men’s breakfasts
  • Young adult gatherings
  • Lunch & Learns

It's an amazing eye-opener for people. This is the foundation for achieving the personal growth and family culture most want.

Your guests will not only walk away encouraged and inspired, but with downloads and simple instructions to put these practical techniques to work immediately!


Who Is Kirby Andersen?

For 35 years, Kirby was on staff and spoke in great churches like Grace Church and Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. He served as senior pastor 19 of those years at Word of Grace Community Church in Wisconsin.

Kirby is now a speaker, life coach, church growth coach, and online trainer. He has been the proud husband to Gail for 40 years, is dad to 3 sons and 2 daughters, and Papa to 6 grandkids.

Kirby has always been deeply committed to helping others become better versions of themselves at home and work. In short, to help them live better, love more, and leave the legacy they desire.

For more info, check out KirbyAndersen.com.

How Can We Serve You?

If you'd like Kirby to help your audience create time for what really matters, start the conversation by clicking the button below and filling out a simple request form. We'll get back to you shortly!


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